GeGant® allows fast and convenient onsite production of 68Ga for radiolabling of disease specific targeting molecules

Gallium-68 generator, 68Ga

Easy and direct labeling of targeting molecules for PET imaging.

68Ga PET imaging is an excellent approach for healthcare professionals looking for precise localization in diagnostic imaging. With the new 68Ge/68Ga Generator GeGant® we have improved the availability of Gallium68 (68Ga) labeled targeting molecules. Radiolabeled with a tumor specific targeting molecule,Gallium-68 is used for Targeted Radionuclide Diagnostics in Precision Oncology.

GeGant®  shows breakthrough of 68Ge ≤ 0.001% and is available in sizes of 1,2, and 4 GBq,  making it the largest 68Ge/68Ga generator on the market. 


 68Ga as radiopharmaceutical precursor, not intended for direct use in patients.



    Available in sizes of  1, 2, and 4 GBq


    Breakthrough of 68Ge ≤ 0.001% of total radioactivity


    Labeling of disease-specific targeting molecules for PET imaging


    Low acidic eluent (0.05 M HCl)

Gallium-68 generator, 68Ga


DMF filed with FDA

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Gallium 68 Supplier in the USA  

Ga 68

The GeGant® 1-4 GBq, radionuclide generator is a shielded system for the elution of Gallium (68Ga) chloride solution for radiolabelling. This solution is eluted from a column loaded with the mother nuclide germanium (68Ge), parent of Gallium (68Ga).

The daughter nuclide Gallium (68Ga) is selectively eluted from the column with 

0.05 M hydrochloric acid solution (HCl) (4 ml per vial and elution).

The elution output of the new GeGant® 68Ge/68Ga Generator in full equilibrium 

is ≥ 60% of the target activity.

Gallium-68 generator, 68Ga

Physical Characteristics

Long-lived 68Ge decays with a half-life (t1/2) of 270.95 days by electron capture to 68Ga (Table 1).  68Ga itself decays with a half-life of 67.71 minutes to stable 68Zn.

The total amount of 68Ga available is dependent on the time interval since the last elution. After one hour more than 45% of maximum Gallium-68 is available (Table 2).

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