Scientific Department

GLP Preclinical and Imaging Center

Leo Garcia Flores II, M.D., Ph.D.,  Core Leader of the Imaging Center

GMP facility 

David Ranganathan, Ph.D.,  Research Scientist

Dr. Ranganathan received his Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences at the School of Advanced Studies in University of Camerino (Italy). His postdoctoral training at the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology in Washington University was focused on development of  PET imaging probes.  Dr. Ranganathan  has joined RITA Foundation  in 2012 and is collaborating with RadioMedix Inc.  to  validate of  clinical grade radiopharmaceuticals in RadioMedix’s cGMP facility.  Dr. Ranganathan is providing his expertise in conventional and fully automated systems used for synthesis of various PET traces.

Nilesh Wagh, Ph.D.,  Radiochemist Scientist

Dr.Wagh is working as a Radiochemist Scientist at RITA Foundation in collaboration with RadioMedix for the development of targeted theranostics. He completed post-doctoral training at University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, USA on the preclinical development of diagnostic and therapeutic peptides. Dr.Wagh obtained his Ph.D. from Poona College of Pharmacy, India.   He has an expertise in radiochemistry and pre-clinical validation of radiotherapeutic agents and computation optimization of structure of the targeting ligands. Dr. Wagh will support RadioMedix’s effort in design novel imaging probes and clinical dose development.