Quality Control Solutions

RadioMedix is the exclusive distributor of all TRASIS and ITG radiopharmaceutical synthesizers in United States. RadioMedix also provides all the after sale service, installation and technical support for both TRASIS and ITG products in USA.

The itG Quality Control Solution, γ-spec Radio HPLC S 3700, is a ready-to-use system for n.c.a. Lu-177, Y-90, Ga-68 radiolabeled peptides setting industry standards in terms of functionality and usability (in accordance with Ph. Eur. Standards). With an integrated quaternary HPLC-pump, UV detector and latest Chromstarworkstation 7.0 software, the γ-spec S 3700 is first-in-class to offer full Radio-HPLC technology within this extraordinary compact system. The central unit provides a shielded column chamber which minimizes radiation exposure of personnel to an all-time low.

First-in-class γ-spec Radio HPLC S 3710

  • High-performance QC of radiopharmaceuticals
  • High-performance QC of radiopharmaceuticals
  • Compact unit with integrated quaternary HPLC-pump and UV detector
  • Highly-sensitive 2″ NaI(Ti) scintillation detector
  • Gamma detection (20-1300 keV)