Semi-Automated Synthesizers

RadioMedix is the exclusive distributor of all TRASIS and ITG radiopharmaceutical synthesizers in United States. RadioMedix also provides all the after sale service, installation and technical support for both TRASIS and ITG products in USA.

The iQS® Ga-68 Fluidic Labeling Module is the most compact, manual system and easily portable system for convenient preparation of Ga-68 labeled PET/CT tracers.

The iQS is the only shelf-shielded labeling module available on the market. It saves you a lot of money because no cost expensive hot cell is required. The labeling yield amounts more than 80 percent. The combination of the iQS with the GMP Ge-68/Ga-68 Generator, the GMP Ga-68 Chemical KITs and the pre-assembled sterilized Cassette entails independence and the convenience to receive all necessary and complementary materials from only one reliable supplier.

  • Self-shielded: no cost expensive hot cell required
  • To be used with GMP Ge-68/Ga-68 Generator
  • Easy to operate manual system with click ‘n start cassette
  • GMP ready for lamiar flow bench
  • Compact and easily portable leight-weight unit
  • Time from elution of the generator to final product < 15min
  • High labeling yield > 80 percent
Technical Data
Temperature of the reactor 30-150 degrees C
Dimensions 36 cm * 37 cm * 26 cm
Certification CE Mark
Labeling Yield >80%
shielding self-shielded for max 1.85 GBq Ga-68