Development Stage

GMP Production 50%


Q2 2018

“Aerobic glycolysis”, known as a Warburg effect is key feature of cancers cells. It results from increased expression of glucose transporters (GLUT) which facilitate high uptake of glucose, and increased expression of glycolytic enzymes.

GlucoMedix is RadioMedix’s lead diagnostic product candidate that is being developed to target glycolytic pathway in cancer cells and detect aggressive tumors by positron emission tomography (PET). This small molecular agent can be labeled on-site with generator-produced isotope, Gallium-68. This approach provides significant advantages over currently available metabolic-targeting agent, 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose, which synthesis and formulation depends on the access to the cyclotron facility. Sensitivity of detection of cancerous tissues using 18F-FDG is also decreased by its high uptake by heart tissues, brain, and regions of inflammation. GlucoMedix overcomes these limitations by providing high sensitivity and specificity of tumor detection thus limiting false positive results.

*GlucoMedix is not approved for use in humans