Gallium 68 Generators

Easy and direct labeling of PET tracers.

RadioMedix is the exclusive distributor of all TRASIS and ITG radiopharmaceutical synthesizers in United States. RadioMedix also provides all the after sale service, installation and technical support for both TRASIS and ITG products in USA.

ITG Ga-68 Generator is a fully shielded source of radioactive gallium-68 from germanium-68 that can be apply for radio synthesis of GA-68 peptide for diagnostic purpose.Gallium 68 is continuously produced by decay of its radioactive parent (Germanium-68) and is eluted with HCL.

ITG’s generator columns unique metal free design and its low acidic eluent allow the fast and convenient onsite production of short-lived high-quality Ga-68 for radio-labeling without prior prepurification.

  • GMP certified
  • Small Elution Volume (4 ml)
  • Low Ge-68 Breakthrough
  • Easy To Operate
  • Metal-free generator- Metal free matrix allows direct labeling
  • Low acidic Eluent (0.05 M HCL)
68Ge/68Ga Generator Brochure (PDF)