Ac-225/Bi-213 Generator

RadioMedix is the exclusive distributor of all TRASIS and ITG radiopharmaceutical synthesizers in United States. RadioMedix also provides all the after sale service, installation and technical support for both TRASIS and ITG products in USA.

ITG’s Ac-225/Bi-213 Generator is currently the only commercially available source for the Alpha emitter Bi-213 world-wide, designed for the use in preclinical and clinical studies.

  • High elution yield (> 90 % of the loaded Ac-225 activity)
  • Small elution volume (more than 90 % of the Bi-213 in 0.5 ml)
  • Nontoxic eluent (0.1 M HCl / 0.1 M NaI) -> eluate can directly be used for labeling
  • Low Ac-255 breakthrough

The treatment of cancer by the use of internal irradiation emitted from therapeutic radionuclides bound to biomolecules has been going through a phase of rising demand due to new developments and techniques that enlarged the availability of biomolecules as well as radionuclides.Mainly medium range beta emitters that allow the treatment of small solid tumors have increased in popularity. With the increase of specific activity, for example achieved by the development of the Lu-177 n.c.a., therapeutic doses could be delivered not only to the tumor, but also to small metastasis.

Nevertheless, micrometastases or single cell diseases like leukemia can still not be treated effectively.For these kinds of cancers, alpha emitting radionuclides such as Bi-213 would be the favorable choice. Due to their small penetration range in tissue and their high linear energy transfer they promise a superior ratio between destruction of cancer cells and protection of healthy tissue.